1 maintenance
The generator set can be divided into two types according to the usage: one is based on the mains power supply, and the generator is the backup power supply equipment; the other is based on the generator set as the main power supply equipment. The use time of the generator set in the two cases is very different. The maintenance of the internal combustion engine is generally determined by the cumulative hours of start-up. The above first power supply mode only tests for a few hours a month. If the technical maintenance of groups B and C is counted After hours of technical maintenance, the time will be too long, so it should be flexible according to the specific situation, and timely technical maintenance can eliminate the bad conditions of the machine in time, ensure the long-term and good condition of the unit, and extend the service life of the machine . Therefore, in order to use the diesel engine to work normally and reliably, we must implement the diesel technical maintenance system, and we provide you with intimate maintenance programs.
2 Warranty includes content
The company undertakes professional maintenance services for high-end domestic / imported diesel generator sets. The company's 64 service stations nationwide, together with the head office's parts library and professional support, can ensure that the customer's equipment is always in good condition. Exclude to ensure the reliability of the backup power supply.
Provide the following service items:
Monthly and quarterly inspection of professional engineers
24 hours emergency repair service
Professional engineers are on-site during major events
Regular maintenance and repair and professional test evaluation
Bao Qinggong and large package maintenance services

The company's genset maintenance team has many years of professional genset maintenance experience.
Intermediate repair and overhaul of generator set maintenance
The unit is equipped with heater, motor dehumidifier and automatic charging system
Unit governor modification
Automatic transformation of the unit control system, remote control
Generator set parallel transformation
Unit exhaust purification treatment
Judgment and Improvement of Comprehensive Performance of Generator Set

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